Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity resources

Imposter Syndrome

*Impostor Syndrome and You: A Discussion of a Little-Discussed Phenomenon published in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, an American Phytopathological Society Journal

Avoiding Implicit Bias in reading & writing Letters of Recommendation

Resources for Faculty

Science resources

Experimental (Methods, training resources, etc)

The Philosophy in PhD

  • iBiology’s Planning Your Scientific Journey.. A self-paced online class (6 weeks; ~2-3 hrs / week) that will allow you to develop:
    1. Criteria to evaluate a research question.
    2. A plan for how to approach your scientific question and other research goals.
    3. An agenda for a meeting with your mentor to get feedback on your plan.

Data Visualization & Presentation Resources


  • Stratton’s bioinformatics course webpage with useful bioinformatics information, articles, databases, etc. compiled and created by Dr. Edward Marcotte of UT–Austin

Career / professional development resources

Science Communication (#SciComm) Resources

Tiffany’s Advice for Grant and Paper writing

Curated from diverse sources that are hopefully cited properly.

Scientific Writing

Grant Writing

Writing Letters of recommendation


Conferences / Talks / Posters




  • Guides to printing scientific posters on wrinkle-free cloth through Guide 1 and Guide 2. Plan for 10 business for printing & shipping.
  • Better Poster Blog. Although I don’t perfectly agree with this authors’ opinions, they have suggestions on how to improve scientific poster design.

Conference Advice