Join the Lab

We are happy to discuss opportunities with people motivated to understand how bacteria interact with their plant hosts. Expectations for members of the lab are described in the Lowe-Power lab handbook. The lab’s onboarding info might also be of interest.

Global Disease Biology Practicum students

Although positions for undergraduate research are limited, Dr. Lowe-Power is interested in mentoring Global Disease Biology students on a systematic meta-analysis on global distribution and diversity of Ralstonia wilt pathogens. If you are a GDB student interested in this opportunity, read more details here, and contact Dr. Lowe-Power.

Undergraduate Researchers

Undergraduate researchers are an important part of the Lowe-Power lab group. If you are an undergraduate student interested in our research and would like to conduct independent research or to contribute to our group’s research mission through work-study, please read this advice on writing professional emails and contact Dr. Lowe-Power. In the email, please include your year of study, your background including relevant coursework, and what interests you about our research.

Current and prospective students are encouraged to apply for stipend funding through UC Davis Undergraduate Research Programs or professional societies, such as the American Phytopathological Society and the American Society of Microbiology. Additional funding opportunities: Barudolph foundation.


We accept graduate students though several graduate groups, including Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Integrative Genetics and Genomics. Application deadlines range from Dec 1 to early January. After applying, please email Dr. Lowe-Power with your CV and a statement describing your interest in our lab. If you are a current Davis graduate student interested in rotating, send me an email.


If you are a senior PhD student or current postdoc who is interested in a 2+ year postdoc in the Lowe-Power lab, send an email describing your research interests, career goals, what you hope to get out of the Lowe-Power lab, what you hope to bring to the Lowe-Power lab, and your CV.

I am particularly interested in prospective postdocs who are interested in applying for fellowships such as NSF, USDA, LSRF, UC PPFP, or other fellowships.


New hires should follow the lab onboarding SOP, which is a work-in-progress living document.