Lowe-Power Lab Alumni


Kyle Chipman Kyle Chipman
UC Davis Major: Global Disease Biology

Amanda Eulano Amanda Eulano
Dominican College of California: Public Health
Solano Community College: A.S.T. Biology, A.A. in General Science, and A.A. in Science & Quantitative Reasoning
UC Davis Major: Global Disease Biology

For fun: shopping, hanging out with my dog 🐶, and traveling

Katie Shalvarjian Katie Shalvarjian
Twitter: @kshalv

BS Microbial Biology UC Berkeley

Katie was a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow working with Dr. Lowe-Power in the Lindow lab at Berkeley to investigate Ralstonia solacearum’s growth requirements in tomato xylem sap.

For fun: Rock climbing, baking bread, hiking

What she did after graduating: In Fall 2019, Katie joined Dr. Dipti Nayak’s lab at UC Berkeley where she is a research technician unraveling the mysteries of Archaea.