Lab protocols for the Lowe-Power lab (scroll down for table of contents Readme)

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Working in the Lab’s Benchling folder

Admin vs. Member status

New lab members should make accounts at and ask a lab member to add them to our Benchling Organization “LowePower Lab”. Ask on the #onboarding Slack channel.

Core folders:

Core folders have the “1-“ prefix and are owned by the LowePower Lab admin account. These folders should be used by everyone.

Project Folders

Generally, try to be organized. For example, if we were a lab that researches the T3SS, we might have a project with the following organization:

What to do with old projects: Feel free to Archive any project that fizzles before it starts. If any project has strains (E. coli or Ralstonia) that end up in the strain list, don’t archive them. When they are complete or stalled indefinitely, add a “z-“ to the beginning of the name so it’s alphabetically at the bottom. 😊 For example, if we realize we could never make a dent in the T3SS Ralstonia world, we could rename that Project “z-T3SS”

Searching tips

If you are using the search bar under the “Projects” tab, the search results will be limited and you may not be able to find old files (i.e., our common lab vectors aren’t easily searchable under the “Projects” tab). The “Search” tab has more encompassing results for everything with the lab’s Benchling organization.

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